My Cats

I have four cats.

They are, from oldest to youngest, Pandora, Jasmine, Henry and Speck. In the coming days, I will write a dedicated post on each of these little gifts.

The decision to write about each feline in my household comes after careful public polling. I took to Twitter and asked if I should write about my creative process, my fitness regimen, my life adventures or my cats. No one wanted to hear about my creative process — no surprises there. One vote was cast about fitness, one about adventures and one about my cats.

Three votes.

The third vote — for the cats — was 34 percent, as opposed to the 33 percent for fitness and adventures. I don’t know how this math works, but the cats won.

To be fair, the cats are far more interesting than any of the other choices, and I would have picked them too. Even though this is a website dedicated to my comic art, I have to write about the things I love, those four little lives included.

That brings me to two thoughts.

I will write about my kitties in order from oldest to youngest, each in a separate post. I will also write about whatever else strikes me at the time.

Ciao for now

or meow for now.